Christian Cyclist Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Each rider should know the exact “F-Route” course if they want their cycling numbers counted for ranking purposes. If you deviate from the F-Route Segment at any point, Strava will disqualify you from completing the F-Route Segment, which is Strava’s standard protocol for KOM segments.

Of course, we recommend you get back on the path and finish strong. However, Strava may not record you completing the F-Route Segment; therefore, you may not see where you ranked among your peers.

No problem. Email us a screenshot of your recording devices such as Garmin, Training Peaks, or Strava, etc.. to with 24hrs of completing Hammerfest, and as a courtesy, we will add it manually for you.

Hammerfest F-Route will be made into a segment on Strava, which will generate all Strava subscribers cycling performance. In addition, we will use the analytics and post the KOM and QOM of the event on our website.

The most popular reason we have encountered is making sure your account is public. If your account is public and you still don’t see your name amongst the list of peers, then you will need to check with Strava. However, please send us a snapshot of your recorded numbers to update our database manually. Your efforts will not go unnoticed!!

Not at all! However, if you do, we would genuinely appreciate it. All proceeds from any Christian Cycling Club Event will go toward CMOP, our Cycling Mentorship Outreach Program, which is for helping introduce cycling to the youth in underprivileged communities.